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FreeRTOS partners with training firms to help get your product teams and individuals building on FreeRTOS up to speed on FreeRTOS development quickly and in a structured way.

FreeRTOS partners with consulting firms to help get your embedded developers jump-started in the right direction or even deliver your entire product built on FreeRTOS.

The following is a list of select Training and Consulting partners for FreeRTOS.

AWS Professional Services

Adopting the AWS Cloud can provide you with sustainable business advantages. Supplementing your team with specialized skills and experience can help you achieve those results. The AWS Professional Services organization is a global team of experts that can help you realize your desired business outcomes when using the AWS Cloud. By leaning on our specialty Internet of Things practice, you will realize your devices being connected to the AWS Cloud by leveraging purpose-built managed services for IoT.

Code Confidence Ltd

Code Confidence delivers class-leading software development tools, technical consulting and training. Our expertise is centered around the Eclipse platform, C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) and GNU toolchain components. Within the embedded systems sector, we enable semiconductor manufacturers, board vendors, debugging specialists and others to take full advantage of the Eclipse IDE using customised software development kits. A strong support focus ensures that our clients have the resources necessary to reach project milestones on time, and with confidence.

Reliable Embedded Systems

ReliableEmbeddedSystems provides the FreeRTOS in Theory and Practice 3-day course for new and seasoned practitioners alike.


WITTENSTEIN highintegritysystems provide software, services, and tools for products and solutions operating in a wide range of industries.

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