NIOS II FreeRTOS not run

Hi everyone, I’m trying to run FreeRTOS on a Nios 2 processor without success. I’m using Quartus Prime v16.1, and my hardware layer is composed by: 1 Nios 2 gen 2 CPU; 1 JTAG 1 UART 1 timer interval (named sys_clk) 1 onchip memory module 1 parallel led interface I generate the .sopcinfo thorugh QSYS and Quartus, then I create e new bsp from eclipse by using the altera HAL type. After that, I change ENHANCED interrupt with LEGACY one. Finally a new blank project was created on the previous generated bsp. Now the FreeRTOS release is copied inside the Eclipse project, all files are linked and compiled. I try to run a simple task by driving two leds, but the FreeRTOS is not running. All leds are fixed and the system seems freezed. Have you tryied to run FreeRTOS on Nios processor? Thank you. [code]

include “uart.h”

include “alteraavalonpio_regs.h”

/* FreeRTOS */

include “FreeRTOS.h”

include “task.h”

include “queue.h”

bool UARTrxFLAG; char UARTrx; unsigned int delay; static unsigned int LEDctrl; /* definizione funzioni */ static void prvSetupHardware( void ); static void prvLEDtask( void *pvParameters ); static void prvSetupHardware( void ) { LEDctrl = 0x01; } int main() { prvSetupHardware(); IOWRALTERAAVALONPIODIRECTION(PIOLEDBASE, 0x1F); IOWRALTERAAVALONPIODATA(PIOLEDBASE, 0x00);
xTaskCreate(prvLEDtask, "LEDtask", 100, (void*) NULL, tskIDLE_PRIORITY + 1, NULL);

/* start scheduler */
/* infinite loop */
for( ;; );
} static void prvLEDtask( void *pvParameters ) { for( ;; ) { LEDctrl ^= 0x03; IOWR_ALTERA_AVALON_PIO_DATA(PIO_LED_BASE, LEDctrl); vTaskDelay(500 / portTICK_PERIOD_MS); } } /———————————————————–/ void vApplicationStackOverflowHook( void ) { /* Look at pxCurrentTCB to see which task overflowed its stack. */ for( ;; ) { asm( “break” ); } } /———————————————————–/ void generalexception_handler( unsigned long ulCause, unsigned long ulStatus ) { /* This overrides the definition provided by the kernel. Other exceptions should be handled here. */ for( ;; ) { asm( “break” ); } } /*———————————————————–*/ [/code]

NIOS II FreeRTOS not run

Sorry for the delay in replying – Does the scheduler start? If you step through vPortStartScheduler() in the NIOS port layer, where do you end up. Alternatively set the interrupt priorities such that you know which task will start first – which will be the highest priority task in the system (be careful configTIMERTASKPRIORITY is not set so the timer task has the highest priority). Then set a breakpoint on entry to the task that has the highest pririty. Does it ever get hit?