STM32F4Discovery + FreeRTOS + FatFS + dlopen

Hello, I have a project implying the STM32F4 and I would like to program a software using plugins. Actually, I made FreeRTOS to run with my STM32, and the core of my software onto it. I succed also to make FatFS work onto it, with a SDIO interface. Then I would like to store in a SD card a bunch of plugins my software could load dynamically. On my Linux/x86 version, I was using the dlopen (dlfcn.h) interface. Unfortunately, I think not such mechanism is available in FreeRTOS. Is there somebody who has already ported dlopen and dlsym functions for my features ? Is it difficult to do ? I saw that I may need an ELF parser, then to place all the code I need in RAM, but it seems a pain to do. note : I’m using a arm-none-eabi-gcc toolchain (summon-arm-toolchain) Thank you by advance Valentin BOUSSON