Share queue with multiple QueueSet

Hello, is it possible to share a queue with multiple queue set? Example:
main.cpp ~~~ int main() { QueueHandle_t queue = xQueueCreate(10, sizeof(void*));
QueueHandle_t shared_queue = xQueueCreate(10, sizeof(void*));

SemaphoreHandle_t semaphore = xSemaphoreCreateBinary();

QueueSetHandle_t semaphore_and_shared_queue = xQueueCreateSet(10 + 1);

QueueSetHandle_t queue_and_shared_queue = xQueueCreateSet(10 + 10);

xQueueAddToSet((QueueSetMemberHandle_t)semaphore, semaphore_and_shared_queue);

xQueueAddToSet((QueueSetMemberHandle_t)shared_queue, semaphore_and_shared_queue);

xQueueAddToSet((QueueSetMemberHandle_t)queue, queue_and_shared_queue);

xQueueAddToSet((QueueSetMemberHandle_t)shared_queue, queue_and_shared_queue);
} ~~~ is a valid code according to the Free RTOS paradigms? Thanks

Share queue with multiple QueueSet

Unfortunately not as each queue only has one pxQueueSetContainer member in its structure.

Share queue with multiple QueueSet

Ok thanks =)