AWS IoT Over-the-air Update v3.3.0
Client library for AWS IoT OTA

OTA agent event processing loop.

void OTA_EventProcessingTask( void * pUnused );
void OTA_EventProcessingTask(void *pUnused)
OTA agent event processing loop.
Definition: ota.c:2919

This is the main event loop to handle events for OTA update and needs to be called by the application task. This loop will continue to handle and execute events received for OTA Update until this tasks is terminated by the application.

[in]pUnusedCan be used to pass down functionality to the agent task, Unused for now. This can be a function pointer that executes as the first routine when the event loop starts.

For a Posix based reference of creating a thread with this task, please see the demos in AWS IoT Embedded C SDK repository.